Protect your equipment and structures from blasting debris

The BOOMPAD is a polyurethane blast mat. It’s 104.14 cm x 91.44 cm x 1.27 cm (41″ x 36″ x 0.5″) and weighs 18.6 kg (41 lb). The polyurethane BOOMPAD is more effective and durable than typical rubber solutions. It has a number of other advantages, too; for example, it’s easy to store because the sections can be laid flat one on top of the other.


  • Minimizes breakage and extra costs
  • Light, durable, and reusable material
  • Great value
  • Easy to put up and take down (reduces risk of injury)
  • Easy to store



More durable than rubber,
so it can be reused for more blasts

Does not deform

Lighter for easy installation
and storage