Protect your concrete floors against damage caused by tracked equipment!

The POLYTAPIS comes in 8 sq. ft. connectable sections so you can make exactly the right sized pad. Because this product is made of separate sections that weigh 16 kilos each, it’s lighter and easier to handle than the conveyor belts that are typically used to protect the floor. It’s also easy to store and move around as needed: simply place the individual pieces on a trolley.


  • Stronger and more durable
  • Textured surface to prevent falls when the pad is wet or covered in snow
  • Sections that are easily handled by a single person
  • Can be moved or stored on a trolley
  • Two models: 24 inches or 32 inches
  • Many colours available



Much more durable than
thermoplastics or rubbers.

Keeps its shape and resists
marking by impacts.

More rigid than rubber, allowing the pieces
to stay attached to each other.