Polyplast: business is good!

Polyplast: business is good!

Polyplast has been in business for over twenty years and continues to expand. In fact, at Polyplast, things just keep going well! We already serve many customers in the mining, forestry, manufacturing, and agricultural sectors. We’re always welcoming new customers as well, which has led to some fascinating contracts. Here’s a look at some of our recent good news!

Increased demand

Polyplast is currently experiencing a significant spike in demand. We’ve obtained some very exciting contracts to manufacture large parts. These parts are larger, longer, and heavier than the ones we typically manufacture for regular contracts, and there are more of them, too. It means that production has increased, so we’ve needed to restructure the department and bring new team members on board.

Our existing team members are already supporting their busiest colleagues. It’s made a big difference and is very much appreciated! Even so, it became clear that we needed more hands on deck, so we hired new staff and rotated some existing staff. In short, a little reorganization was required, but for very good reasons!


Marie-Hélène Lavoie

We were looking for someone who knew the company and its products to handle our marketing, sales, tendering, and social media. One name quickly came to mind: Marie-Hélène Lavoie.

Marie-Hélène has been working with us for three years. She has experience moulding parts and manufacturing moulds and dies. And she was very good at her job! She was also responsible for manufacturing the original parts used to establish the spec sheets for new contracts.

Her warm, energetic personality, and sense of humour made her a natural choice for the position of sales and marketing representative, so we offered her the job. She was looking to get out of her comfort zone, so she said yes (with her trademark enthusiasm, of course)! She also wanted to deepen her knowledge of urethane and work more closely with the customers. We don’t blame her ;)



Mylène Quévillon

Mylène is one of the two invaluable people we were seeking for production. She has been with us since April 4, casting hot and cold urethane parts. Mary-Lynn Flynn, our production coordinator, is in charge of her training.

We were already familiar with Mylène. We knew that her job in the food industry had a lot in common with the position we were offering her here at Polyplast. We also felt that her friendliness and sense of humour meant she would get along well with her new colleagues. In other words, we knew she’d be a perfect fit. After visiting our facilities and getting familiar with our work environment, she agreed to join our ranks!


With so many amazing people at work and the large contracts we’re enjoying, we found that we needed to stretch out a little. The new level of production requires new equipment and larger facilities. For that reason, we’re acquiring some new, essential equipment and will begin expansion in mid-May.

Polyplast will be ready to manufacture even more effective products for more customers than ever!

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