Polyplast acquires Hummocks

Polyplast acquires Hummocks

Polyplast is pleased to announce the purchase of the assets of expedition equipment manufacturer Hummocks. Hummocks is the developer of an innovative off-trail cross-country attachment system, currently 85% manufactured by Polyplast.

The system works just as well on day hikes as on extended polar expeditions and allows skiers to wear warmer winter boots while enjoying stability comparable to what they would get with ski boots. It’s compatible with Salomon X-Adventure bindings  and adjustable to any size of boot. Production has resulted in a top quality piece of equipment that has drawn the attention of the likes of the Canadian Forces, which has purchased many sets. Polyplast is proud of this unique product and is expecting a big future for it locally and across the country. 

Polyplast looks forward to taking over full production, promotion, and sales of this miniature masterpiece of creative design. Count on Polyplast to fearlessly experiment with bold new moulding techniques to meet the wide range of needs of businesses in every sector.

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