Polyurethane Solutions – Exciting Potential

Polyurethane Solutions – Exciting Potential

In our last article, we shared how polyurethane is becoming the go-to solution for pipe linings. We have also found that this highly versatile material is an ideal choice for protecting against abrasion.

Until recently, natural rubber was the traditional material used for abrasion resistance. However, polyurethane is standing out more and more as an even better solution.

Polyurethane linings have four major advantages:

  1. Faster installation, because they don’t use a mould. The lining is applied with a trowel; that means no cutting and no wasted material, which results in huge savings.
  2. Longer lifespan than rubber, which tends to break down fairly quickly.
  3. No need to change pipes, which means customers don’t have to stop production.
  4. Less planned stoppage overall.

Planned stoppages can be very expensive: not only are the companies losing production, they also need to pay for the new pipes and linings and pay subcontractors to switch out the pipes.

We apply the polyurethane lining to the pipes in our factory before sending them out, freshly coated and much more durable than before.

Polyplast can also make arrangements with subcontractors to create the pipes using provided drawings and specifications.

New at Polyplast

Polyplast is expanding its facilities to optimize the production of its solutions! We are more than doubling the size of our current site, which will let us make even more solutions at once!

We’ve also invested in a larger-sized oven so we can cure even larger parts. In fact, it can hold parts up to 343 cu. ft. in size. That means we can now make these massive parts on-site!

Endless possibilities

Thanks to our new production capacity, Polyplast will be able to create even more solutions. For instance, we’ll be able to work the polyurethane hot, which will let us create parts for rock mixers and crushers and other large mining equipment.

The oven’s cutting-edge technology will also let us work with the best polyurethane materials on the market. That opens the door to a whole new range of abrasion solutions, and therefore to a whole new market. We’ll be able to make covers for drop pipes, ball mill feed chutes, separators, cyclones, and a ton of other large-scale parts right in our factory. These parts experience a lot of abrasion in the mines throughout the entire process, from rock processing to the fine dust stage and concentration. More durable solutions are therefore highly prized.

Ore chutes also experience a lot of wear. Polyplast has created a polyurethane chute to bring the rock to the crusher, then to the next processing stage. These chutes were originally made of steel, and naturally experienced a lot of wear. However, thick polyurethane parts solve this problem almost entirely. In fact, this innovation likely more than doubles the life of the part.

New polyurethane technologies have also entered the market. They bring new possibilities to create the most innovative, efficient, and game-changing solutions out there.

New industries

Our new oven and larger factory open the door to new industries as well. Take the wood processing industry, which uses massive rollers.

Polyurethane solutions are most popular with mining companies, but we also work with mining equipment manufacturers to incorporate polyurethane into their original parts. The mining industry promotes our solutions to manufacturers, who then turn to us to make their machinery even more durable and reliable.

Moving into the future

Polyplast and its solutions are making real progress in the industry.

Want to know how polyurethane can optimize your business?

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