Better management
of your maintenance costs.

As a producer of high-quality polyurethane parts, Polyplast can help you increase the lifespan of your machinery and diminsh costs linked to rust, abrasion and wear and tear.



The 4 problems most commonly solved by polyurethane.

Abrasion, wear and tear, impact stress and rust are the problems most frequently encountered by our clients. Whether you’re in mining, forestry, manufacturing or farming, the deterioration of your equipment can entail significant costs and delays.


The solution is not always obvious. It can be much less expensive than you think. Polyplast specializes in finding the right solutions for you. Having met the needs of our many clients in various industries, the Polyplast team can help you find the most durable and efficient solution, tailored to your particular business context. 


The deterioration of equipment and breakage due to abrasion are the most common problems to occur in factories

Wear and tear

Equipment is not always perfectly adapted to large-scale, repetitious motion over time. Wear and tear has a real impact on equipment lifespan and maintenance costs.

Impact stress

Excessive vibration and damage linked to impact stress compromises the security and dependability of the equipment.


An important consideration for all businesses, affecting both the performance of the machinery and the lifespan of the parts.

We design your products, we protect your equipment.

The deterioration of equipment can cause production delays, increases in maintenance costs and risks for workers. Polyplast uses polyurethane to manufacture machinery parts and made-to-order equipment, with the aim of of increasing resistance and reducing breakage linked to wear and tear.

Polyurethanes can be used to make products with a wide variety of textures and strengths, a characteristic that allows it to respond to the needs of a large number of industries and to maximize resources, performance and results.


Manufacture of made-to-order equipment parts

The use of polyurethane is an easy way to obtain made-to-order equipment parts, notably in mining, forestry, manufacturing and farming.

Manufacture of resistant equipment and tools

Highly resistant to impact, polyurethane is often used as a shock absorber on industrial machinery. It is also used as protection against rocks sand and water. 

Coating of equipment components

Polyurethane provides excellent protection against friction and wear and tear. Exposure to liquids and constant friction are two agents that can rapidly damage certain equipment parts. Polyurethane can be used to protect againt premature deterioration.

Full-service, step-by-step project coverage

At Polyplast we are able to take on projects from start to finish. Our team of designers can draw up plans, provide prototypes and deliver the final product.

Success stories

Whether it be by improving security or increasing productivity, Polyplast always responds to the needs of its clientele. Here are some examples of satisfied clients.

Agnico Eagle save big bucks.

Innovation for safety Eacom Val-d’Or.

An Instrument Protector for Hamel Arpentage.

Niobec Mine's Sheave Linings.

Reinforces patch at Canadian Malartic

Combining materials for greater load capacity.